Collaboration, camaraderie, education, networking, mentorship, contribution, purpose, life-long friends and family… this is the value of being a member when you join the Armenian American Pharmacists’ Association.

Armenian American Pharmacists’ Association is a social/charitable non-profit organization of pharmacists of Armenian heritage, who

  1.   Share an interest in coming together to meet with their fellow pharmacists to participate in continuing education events together, to network, and develop lifelong friendships. 

  2. Contribute to the Armenian community by educating and advocating for health care practices. 

  3. Collaborate with other Armenian-American health professionals to support the Armenian community locally and in Armenia.

  4. Support scholarships to qualified Armenian-American students attending schools of pharmacy in the USA.

  5. Mentor Armenian students who wish to become pharmacists, or who are in Pharmacy school. Also have opportunities to host foreign Armenian Pharmacist visitors.

  6. Support the Armenian community by participating in events such as the Armenian Bone Marrow Registry and visiting the local Armenian Nursing Home. 

Membership Policy

Member:  Armenian-American Pharmacists residing in the United States. 
Associate Member:  Pharmacists or an Allied Health Professional residing in the United States.
International Member:  Pharmacists or Allied Health Professional residing in a foreign country.
Student Member:  Student of Armenian origin enrolled in a pharmacy program in the United States.
Honorary Member: May be bestowed upon an individual, making an outstanding contribution to the organization or to Pharmacy, by majority vote of the membership, provided that the Executive Committee has approved of the proposed individual at a prior meeting.
Life Member:  Life membership may be granted to those who pay a one time fee of 20 times the current annual dues. Or A person who has been a member in good standing for thirty-five consecutive years.